Alaïa Campaign
Art Direction, Creative, Communication Strategy


BOYY x Childhood Foundation
Strategy, Creative
, Communication, Photography

Invitation to event
Connected posters

3D, Creative
, Communication,

Personal Branding
Art Direction, Design, Creative

Google & HMCT for Human Rights
Strategy, Communication, Art Direction, Creative

Awareness website
Poster layout & inventions
Non-traditional Touchpoints

15% of the world population are people with disabilities. One billion people, the largest discriminated minority group in the world. The majority, 80% of these individuals are either unemployed or underemployed.

This awareness campaign together with ‘Google & HMCT for Human Rights’ evokes new trains of thoughts in the audience. The ‘Innovation of Difference’ campaign features products and technologies that we all use everyday, which were initially invented thanks to disabilities or different needs.

Diptyque x DASH
(Disabled led visual arts charity)
Art Direction, Marketing, Strategy, Creative

Textured packaging with braille & QR-code
Scent cards & invitation with braille

Diptyque is one of the leading brands known for its graphic style and brand heritage. The sensorial campaign is made to cover all areas of our senses so that all individuals can enjoy the campaign in different aspects. Leaving nobody behind.

This campaign is a bespoke invitation to the art of the senses. The scent cards will be a short but enchanting introduction to the collection. All information and the campaign will be written in type, braille scripture and available in audio. 

Cappellini Nightclub
Branding, Communication, Strategy, Art Direction

Territorial Branding
Colors inspired by Cappellini products & locations

Cappellini is one of the frontiers in Interior Design, well known for their style and brand heritage. I worked on their brief of brand identity of communication for their new brand extension Cappellini Nightclub.

The brief was to create a new-thinking branding in line with the brand itself and to be applicable on several locations worldwide.

La Collection
Art Direction, Communication

Art Direction, Moodboards, Concepts

Business Plan
Marketing, Branding, Business Management & Presentation

Product Label Design
Art Direction, Creative

Design Principles
Branding, UI, Strategy, Marketing, Creative